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Homebuilding Basics (eBook)

Whether you're planning to build your first family home or a small weekend cottage, the venture may seem a bit overwhelming. But by understanding the homebuilding process, step-by-step, the experience can actually be pleasant and very interesting.

Building a home is a relatively simple process that has changed little over the years. However, the diversity of technologies used, variety of choices available, and complexity and cost of materials have changed dramatically.

Although we can't advise you on all the decisions you'll have to make, this manual can help guide you through the process. Consider it an overview of each phrase of construction, explained in straightforward, simple, non-technical terms, with just enough details to help you visualize each phase.

Each chapter contains information that will help you understand each phase of construction, the terms used, and the people involved. A Checklist at the end of each chapter will remind you of some of the important aspects of each phase. Familiarizing yourself with the Glossary of Building Terms will help you communicate with your builder. Samples of Specification Outline and Change Order form will clarify important details between you and your builder.

Now, take a deep breath and relax. You're off to a great start! With this manual and a little homework, you'll have a good understanding of how a house is built-from the ground up.

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    This combination does not exist.

    CAD File
    Source drawing files of the plan. This package is best provided to a local design professional when customizing the plan with architect.

    PDF Plan Set
    Downloadable file of the complete drawing set. Required for customization or printing large number of sets for sub-contractors.

    Construction Set
    Five complete sets of construction plans, when building the house as-is or with minor field adjustments. This set is stamped with a copyright.

    Pricing Set
    Recommended for construction bids or pricing. Stamped "Not For Construction". The purchase price can be applied toward an upgrade to other packages of the same plan.

    Planning Set
    For planning purposes only and Stamped "Not for Construction." This set is ideal for planning modifications or verifying furniture sizes in rooms.